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What special rewards do I receive as a 2015 BCN AdvantageSM member?

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If you’re a BCN Advantage HMO-POS or HMO member in 2015, this information will tell you about how you can participate in Blue Advantage RewardsSM.

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We think it's worth rewarding the steps you take to maintain and improve your health.

With Blue Advantage Rewards, when you get certain preventive exams, we'll give you a coupon book with discounts on shopping, dining and entertainment in your area. 

Here’s how it works:

Get any of the preventive services listed below in 2015. Then download the member reward forms in our Help Center and mail or fax them to us.

For each form you complete and send to us, we'll send you a different Entertainment® coupon book.

  • Member health evaluation: This is your annual wellness exam. You'll see your primary care physician and talk about things like the prescriptions you're taking, your blood pressure and safety concerns you might have. When you send us this form, you'll get a Select Savings® Entertainment® coupon book.
  • Retinal eye exam: When you get these important vision screenings, we’ll send you a Retail & Dining Entertainment® coupon book. 
  • Mammogram: Complete your mammogram. Send in your form and we’ll mail you some Healthy Dining Entertainment® coupons. 
  • Flu vaccine: Receive a flu vaccine and receive Top National Savings Entertainment® coupons.
  • Diabetes testing: If you need diabetes testing and have it done this year, complete your form and send it in. We'll send you a Quality Living Entertainment® coupon book.

Not all members are eligible for all rewards. Copays and deductibles might apply to these exams.

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