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How can I reduce the amount of mail I receive?

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If you want to get Medicare Advantage or Medigap information electronically, this page explains some of our paperless options.

You can save time by getting some information online. We'll inform you as we develop paperless options for some documents.  Just log in to your account on and get started.

Tip: There are some documents we're required to send to you through the mail. When we can, we send just one copy to a household if there's more than one Blues member living there. But sometimes we're required by law to send a letter or document to each person.

Get the "Medicare & You" handbook delivered electronically.

Every October the government mails the "Medicare & You" guidebook. It details Medicare options and any changes.

You can get a link to the document instead of getting the book delivered to your mailbox.

And you can find options for getting the guidebook, including downloads for electronic readers.

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