Medicare 101 can help you make smart choices about your coverage.

Medicare 101: What is Medicare?

Medicare is complicated. There are dates and deadlines to remember, lots of confusing terms and different kinds of plans. How do you cut through the clutter in your mailbox and inbox to make the right decisions?

We designed Medicare 101 to help you through Medicare from start to finish. That means understanding the basics. Knowing what to do, when you need to do it. And making smart choices when it's time to shop.


How Medicare Works

Learn about the different parts of Medicare. Find out how they work together and with other plans to provide your health coverage.
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Signing Up

Turning 65 is a big deal when it comes to Medicare. So is knowing when you need to sign up. We'll give you an overview of important dates you should know about.
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Choosing a Plan

After you enroll in Original Medicare, you'll have decisions to make. Where will you get Part D drug coverage? Is a Medicare Advantage or Medigap plan best for you?
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Making the Most of Medicare

You can download and print (PDF) our guide to the basics of Medicare. It includes a checklist, budget worksheet and more.