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Why get a plan with a deductible you'll never reach? Compared to bronze plans, you'll pay more each month. But your plan will start paying more of your medical bills sooner. If you're eligible for a subsidy, your monthly payment and out-of-pocket costs can be even lower.
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  • If you want affordable statewide coverage, look no farther than
    Blue Cross Premier Silver. Choose from our largest PPO network
    of doctors and hospitals.
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Want a plan that starts sharing costs right away?

Check out Blue Cross® Premier Silver Extra. You get more coverage for some services right away, before your deductible. Here’s a comparison of what you’ll pay.

  Silver Extra

  You pay: You pay:
Primary care office visit
$20 All costs before deductible
First four specialist visits
$50 each
All costs before deductible
Generic prescriptions
$15 right away
All costs before deductible

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