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This plan combines the ease of an HMO with the low out-of-pocket costs of a gold plan for residents of these 51 counties. Office visits to your primary care physician, your main contact for care, are only $30 any time. A low family deductible of $500 means your plan starts sharing the cost sooner.
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  • If you like how this plan simplifies using your health coverage, it may be a good fit for you. You don't have to compromise on network access, either. With a referral, you can see doctors throughout Michigan’s largest HMO network.
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Want to pay less out-of-pocket?

You may be interested in Blue Cross® Preferred Gold Extra. You'll save on copays and the limit on your annual share of costs is lower. Here's a comparison of what you'll pay.

  Gold Extra
You pay:
You pay:
Primary care office visit
Generic prescriptions $4 right away All costs before deductible
Family out-of-pocket max

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