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Blue Cross®

Gold Extra With
Dental and Vision,

a Multi-State Plan

This plan gives you medical, dental and vision coverage with one ID card. You'll pay less when you need care compared to our standard plans. Office visits start at $20, prescriptions $15. Dental and visions exams are covered up to 100 percent.
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  • If you’d rather pay more for your monthly premium in exchange for lower costs when you use your insurance, this plan may be a good fit.
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Certificates are legal documents that describe the benefits of a health insurance plan. Your plan might have different benefits and limitations than those listed in this document.

Want even lower out-of-pocket costs?

You may be interested in Blue Cross® Premier Platinum With Dental and Vision. Your out-of-pocket costs are the lowest of all our plans. And you don't have to go to for a plan that includes dental and vision for all ages.