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You can buy this plan if you live in
Livingston, Macomb, Oakland, St. Clair, Washtenaw or Wayne county.
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Plan type
Metro Detroit EPO. You choose the doctors you want to see from the plan's network. There's no out-of-network coverage. Learn more.
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Deductible Individual plan: $750
Family plan: $1,500
Coinsurance You pay 20% of the cost for most services after you meet your deductible.
Out-of-pocket max Individual plan: $3,000
Family plan: $6,000
Office visits Primary care: You pay $20.
Specialist: You pay $50 each for the first four visits.
Urgent care center: You pay $75 + 20% after deductible.
Pharmacy Copays start at $15.
Dental This plan doesn't include dental coverage. See the dental tab for more details.
Vision This plan only includes vision coverage for children. See the vision tab for more details.
What's Extra?

Compared to our standard gold plans available in your area, you get:

  • A much lower out-of-pocket max
  • Lower primary care office visit copays
  • Generic prescriptions for $15 before you meet your deductible
  • No $500 copay if you're in the hospital