You can buy this plan if you live in
Any Michigan county.
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Plan type
PPO. You can go to any licensed dentist and this plan will share the cost. But you'll pay less if you see a dentist in the preferred network. Learn more.
Who's covered This plan covers dental care for all ages.
Deductible for Class II and III services
One member: $0 in network, $50 out of network
Two members: $0 in network, $100 out of network
Three or more members: $0 in network, $150 out of network
Coinsurance Class I: You pay 0% in network, 20% out of network.
Class II: You pay 30% in network, 40% out of network.
Class III: You pay 50% in network, 50% out of network.
Out-of-pocket max
In network: $350 for one pediatric member, $700 for two or more pediatric members
Out of network: No out-of-pocket max
Annual benefit max In network: up to $1,200 for each adult
Out of network: up to $1000 of the available $1,200