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You can buy this plan if you live in
Any Michigan county except Keweenaw and Mason.
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Plan type
EPO. Your dental care is only covered if you see a dentist in the preferred network. There's no out-of-network coverage. Learn more.

For vision care, you can go to any eye doctor and this plan will share the cost. But you'll pay less if you see a VSP eye doctor in our network.
Who's covered This plan covers dental care for all ages, and vision care for adults.
Deductible for Class II and III dental services One member: $25
Two members: $50
Three or more members: $75
Coinsurance for dental care Class I: You pay 20%.
Class II and III: After deductible, you pay 50%.
Out-of-pocket max for dental care
$350 for one pediatric member, $700 for two or more pediatric members
Annual benefit max for dental care $1,200 for each adult
Copays for adult vision care Start at $10.
About this plan Blue Dental EPO Standard With Vision isn't available on