Tips for Older Adults

Tips for Older Adults

You're never too old to learn how to be healthy. In fact, your body needs you to be healthy in these years more than ever.

Maybe you've put off caring for yourself while you've been caring for kids and your own aging parents. Maybe you just need a reminder, or to get updated on the latest in health news for older adults.

Either way, we hope you'll find these articles helpful and informative.

Age doesn't matter for yoga

No matter your fitness level, yoga is an excellent form of exercise to keep you limber and improve health.
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As you age, be aware of B12 deficiency

Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to fatigue and poor brain function. Learn about the easy ways you can increase B12 levels.
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‘Choose My Plate’ shapes a healthier senior diet

This excellent resource shows you the right kind of foods and calorie intake for your age and fitness level.
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Debunking 10 aging myths

What does it mean to get older? We set the record straight about aging and how it impacts your health and happiness.
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Immunization update for older adults

Not sure what immunizations you need? You can learn more about how to protect yourself against seasonal and serious illness.
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Injuries plague athletic baby boomers

Want to stay fit without worrying about getting hurt? Learn more about the steps you can take to avoid injury while you exercise.
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Men over 50 need prostate exam

Are you a male over 50? Learn why it's important to get an annual prostate exam.
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Over-the-counter remedies

Do you take over-the-counter remedies for pain, seasonal illness or chronic conditions? Learn about how to make sure you're taking them safely.
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What screenings do you need?

Find out what health conditions you could be at risk for, and whether you should be screened for them.
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Staying healthy after menopause

Every woman goes through menopause. Learn helpful tips to make the transition easier.
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Sensible medication use

You can read, download and print this guide (PDF) to medication safety for older adults.

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Should my kids get vaccinated?

Find out which vaccines your kids need, when they should get them and why. Plus get answers to common questions about child immunizations. 

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