Tips for Healthy Kids

Tips for Healthy Kids

"Eat your vegetables."

"Turn that down."

"Go play outside."

If you're a parent, chances are you've said at least one of those things to your kids. Didn't quite accomplish what you wanted? Looking for a little back-up for your argument? Need other helpful information? We've got tips and advice for you to help your kids be healthy.

Help your children chill out

Being a kid can be stressful. Learn how to help your child manage growing up with these tips.
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Kids' health concerns ease with age

Does it seem like your kids are always sick? Learn about common childhood illnesses and why they're so common.
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Kids need their nutrients

Learn what nutrients are most helpful for kids, and what foods they're found in.
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Letting kids grow up… at their own pace

Every child is different. Learn the major developmental milestones to watch for as your child grows.
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Make exercise a family affair

Is your family fit? Learn helpful tips to help get everyone in shape together.
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Persuading kids to eat nutritious meals

Can't get your child to eat fruits and veggies? We've got some tips to eat more of the good stuff.
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Sound advice for mp3 users

Learn how to help prevent hearing loss in your kids by encouraging healthy listening habits.
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Understanding the teen brain

Learn why teenagers behave and think the way they do, as well as helpful hints for modeling positive decision-making.
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Understanding teenage depression

Learn the causes and symptoms of teenage depression and what you can do to help your teen recover.
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When your child refuses to go to school

Manage school avoidance by developing an action plan with your child using these tips and resources.
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Learn about antibiotic resistance

Find out why sometimes antibiotics can do more harm than good.
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Need to take your health assessment?

Our FAQ will help you get started.

Should my kids get vaccinated?

Find out which vaccines your kids need, when they should get them and why. Plus get answers to common questions about child immunizations. 

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