What is subrogation?

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If you’ve been contacted by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan about subrogation, this information will help you understand what it is.

Subrogation sounds like a scary legal term. Although it’s a legal process, the scary part is often the event that causes subrogation to happen.

How does it work?

You’re entering an intersection. Another driver runs a stop sign and hits your car. You’re hurt, so you go to the hospital. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, your health care insurer, pays your hospital bill.

Since the other driver caused the accident, we believe their insurance company should pay your medical expenses. The process to get the other insurance company to reimburse us is called subrogation. Other situations that may lead to subrogation include:

  • You get hurt at work (workers’ compensation)
  • Someone else hurts you (personal injury)
  • A doctor does something that hurts you (medical malpractice)

So if you’ve been injured, it’s not your fault, and it results in medical bills paid by your health care insurance company, subrogation is used to get that money back from the insurer of whoever caused your injury. You may even be reimbursed for your deductibles or copays.

What do I need to do about subrogation?

If we contacted you by mail and you have a file number, you can fill out this online subrogation questionnaire. It will tell us if the claim is eligible for subrogation. You’ll need:

  • The name and contact information of the other insurance company.
  • Your attorney’s information, if you’ve hired one.

If you didn’t get a file number, you can still fill out an online form. You can also download and print a member questionnaire (PDF).

Tip: Attorneys can follow the same process for filling out a subrogation questionnaire.

Subrogation contact information

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