What do I need to know about the 1095-B tax form?

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If you're wondering what the 1095-B tax form is and how it's used, you can learn more here.

The Affordable Care Act requires nearly all Americans to have health insurance that meets health care reform standards. The IRS needs to know whose coverage met those standards.

That's where Form 1095-B for health coverage comes in. It lets the IRS know who had coverage and for how long. We fill out the form and send it to the IRS for you. We also send you a copy to look over.

You may get more than one form if you changed your insurance.

What information is on the 1095-B form?

For each person covered on your policy, the 1095-B lists:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Taxpayer identification number (most likely a Social Security number)
  • Months of coverage with us

If we're missing the taxpayer ID or Social Security numbers for anyone on your policy, we'll send you a letter. It'll explain why we need the information and how to send it to us securely.

Depending on your insurance situation, you may get more than one letter.

How do I know if I should get a 1095-B form?

We'll send you a 1095-B form if:

  • You bought your coverage directly from us and didn't go through healthcare.gov
  • You got your Blue Cross coverage through your employer and it met the health care reform standards

If you need another copy of the form, call the number on the back of your Blue Cross ID card to request a new one.

What if I get my 1095-B form and it isn't correct?

If you bought your plan directly from us, call the number on the back of your Blue Cross ID card for help.

If you have Blue Cross coverage through your employer, ask your employer to send us the correct information. Once we get it, we'll send you a revised version of the form.

Can I get an electronic version of the form?

Yes, follow these steps to get an electronic version.

  1. Log in to your account at bcbsm.com.
  2. Select Account Settings at the top.
  3. Choose Paperless Options.
  4. Look for the 1095-B form and go through the steps to request paperless delivery.

You'll get an email from us when the form is available. If you need more copies of the form, you can also get them online.