What do I need to know about the 1095-A tax form?

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If you're wondering what the 1095-A tax form is and how it's used, you can learn more here.

The government will send a 1095-A form to you and the IRS if you bought 2016 individual health insurance from the marketplace at healthcare.gov. You may use it for your 2016 taxes.

If your form is incorrect, contact the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596 and wait to file your 2016 return.

If you can't wait to file your 2016 return you can find more information here on healthcare.gov.

Did you buy a catastrophic plan or stand-alone dental plan?
If you enrolled through healthcare.gov, you won't receive a 1095-A form. These plans don't qualify for the Premium Tax Credit or for a subsidy.

Do I need my 1095-A form to claim the Premium Tax Credit?

Yes, you'll need to use the information on your 1095-A form to fill out Form 8962 (PDF). You can use Form 8962 to claim the Premium Tax Credit when you file your tax return.

If you received an Advanced Premium Tax Credit to help pay for your health insurance, you'll also include that information on Form 8962. You can learn more at healthcare.gov.