You can withdraw your payments from your checking or savings accounts. Check with your bank to make sure your account doesn’t have a withdrawal limit. Also make sure your bank doesn’t charge for automatic withdrawals. 

Here’s how you can enroll in the automatic payment plan:

  • Online: Log in to your account at and click Pay My Bill in the right-hand column to access our eBilling tool. From there, you can make changes to your automatic payment plan. Automatic payments are withdrawn from your checking or savings account using the routing and account numbers you provide. Contact your bank for more information regarding online banking.
  • Over the phone: Call the customer service number on the back of your Blues ID card. A representative will help you enroll.
  • With a paper form: Fill out the Automatic Payment Plan Enrollment Form and send it to us. If you enroll this way, it can take up to four weeks or longer for your automatic payments to begin.