My child will be going to college. Can I keep his or her coverage active?

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Michigan Health Insurance – Customer Service – PPO Plans

If your son or daughter is under age 26 and heading off to college, this explains how to make sure they have health coverage.

If your health insurance covers dependents, young adults on your plan can stay there until they turn 26. So yes, you can keep their coverage active, even if they're college-bound.

Is the college they'll be attending outside your plan's network of doctors and hospitals? It's a good idea to review whether and how your plan will cover care your student may need.

How it works

In general, plans cover eligible care in an emergency or for an accidental injury no matter where you are. When it's not an emergency, what's covered depends on the kind of plan you have and its network.

When you have a PPO, you can go to any doctor you want, in or out of network and your plan will share the cost. But you'll usually share more of the cost and some services may only be covered when you see a doctor who accepts your plan.

When you have an HMO, a primary care physician coordinates all your care. Typically services you get outside your plan's network aren't covered. So if your student needs care that isn't an emergency, contact your primary care physician first. They'll help you figure out the best way to arrange for care your plan will cover.