What should I know about taking medication for my chronic condition?

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If you're taking a prescription medication for a chronic condition, find out why it's a good idea to follow your doctor's instructions.

It’s important to take every medication as your doctor prescribes. It’s even more important if you suffer from a chronic condition, like high blood pressure or diabetes. When you take your medications on schedule, your doctor can manage your treatment better. And you can avoid serious health complications.

Here's some information about common chronic conditions and why it's important to take your medication as directed.

Tips for remembering to take your medicine

You might not feel different if you're on medication for a chronic condition. And that can make it hard to remember to take it.

There are a lot of ways you can remind yourself to take your medication. 

  • Set an alarm clock
  • Use a notepad to log when you take it each day
  • Download an app for your smart phone to remind you

For more tips, have a look at the Stay on Track Flier (PDF).