How can I use my FSA?

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Michigan Health Insurance – Customer Service – Health Spending Accounts

If you have a flexible spending account, or FSA, linked to your plan, this information can help you learn how to use it to pay for qualified medical expenses.

You get to choose which qualified expenses you pay for with your FSA, as long as they meet IRS requirements.

You may get a debit card with your FSA that you can use to pay for expenses. You may also pay up-front for costs and be reimbursed later. 

What medical expenses can I pay with my FSA?

According to the IRS, you can use it to pay for eligible medical expenses, including most medical, dental and vision services and prescription drugs. 

If you need more help determining what medical expenses are eligible for reimbursement, download the Qualified Medical Expenses (PDF). This list is only a guide. You’ll want to look at Publication 502 Medical and Dental Expenses (PDF) from the IRS website or talk to a professional legal or tax advisor to know for sure if an expense is eligible.

What can I use a dependent care FSA for?

A dependent care FSA can be used to pay for day care, preschool, elder care or other dependent care that is necessary for you and your spouse to work.

What happens at the end of the year?

Your employer may let you roll over any money (up to $500) you have in the account to the following year. Your employer could also allow a grace period of up to 2.5 extra months to use the money. Otherwise, the money goes to your employer.