Subsidy Estimator

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Michigan Health Insurance – Customer Service – Tools and Calculators

If you buy your own health insurance, use this tool to find out if you can get a subsidy that lowers the cost of your plan.

A subsidy is a kind of assistance that helps you pay for something - in this case, health coverage. You can use our subsidy estimator to find out if you may be eligible for financial assistance from the government that helps lower the cost of your health plan. You only need to tell us four things:

  1. The number of adults that will be insured by your plan and their ages.
  2. The number of household members age 20 and younger that will be insured by your plan.
  3. Your household income.
  4. The county you live in.

Knowing if you'll get a subsidy can make a difference in how you choose individual health insurance. It's just like shopping for anything else. You have more options when you know you'll be saving money.

When it's time to file your taxes, you'll get a 1095 form. If you get a subsidy, you'll use the information from this form to complete your tax return.