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Switching from the health insurance your employer provided to buying your own is a big change. You might notice some minor changes to the way your health plan works. Don’t worry. We'll make the transition easy for you. 

  • We'll help you find the right plan. We have affordable medical, dental and vision plans for 2016. Individual and family plans are arranged in a way everyone can understand, called metal tiers: bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

Why stay Blue?

You get a lot more than a policy when you buy health insurance from us. These advantages aren't extras. They're built into our history and everything we do for our customers.

  • Trust. For more than 70 years, millions of customers have put their health insurance in our hands.
  • Value. You'll get discounts from doctors and hospitals that lower your health care expenses.
  • Easy to use. These words aren't often associated with health insurance. We're working hard to change that.

We promise to help you through this change. When you buy a Blues plan, you're choosing health insurance coverage you can count on.

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You can get a quote and apply for a plan right here, right now. Are you under 30 and interested in a catastrophic (Value) plan? You can get that here too.

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If you're eligible for a subsidy and need a quote, contact your agent.

You can also call one of our health plan advisors at 1-855-237-3500.

Some frequently asked questions

Just getting started? Here are some questions others in the same situation have asked.

If you're shopping or already enrolled, you may be wondering:

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