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Student Award recipient explores key to healthy aging

What are the secrets to long-term health? We all know we're supposed to eat well and exercise. But, as Wayne State University doctoral student Nasim Ferdows has learned, there's a lot more at work.

Ferdows is a 2015 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation Student Award Program recipient.

"Different studies have identified different factors that influence aging, each drawing from a different point in life,” Ferdows said. "Inspired by these studies, I hypothesized that it is actually a combination of multiple direct and indirect factors over the course of an individual’s life that determines whether someone ages well or will develop chronic health issues."

Ferdows found that healthy aging actually starts in childhood. Her research could lead to programs that specifically address aging factors at all stages of life. Her goal is to inform the state's policy makers and garner their support for increasing the quality of health for Michigan residents throughout their lives.

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Coalition seeks to improve oral health for low-income, uninsured patients

Looking into the mouths of some of his patients at Baxter Community Center, dentist Scott Van Timmeren sees firsthand the damage that can take place when oral health is neglected. With a Foundation grant, he has helped uninsured patients avoid painful and expensive corrections.