How to tell your employees about the Blue Care Network flu shot gift card drawing

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Learn more about how to tell your employees about Blue Care Network's free flu shots.

If you're an employer, this information can help you encourage your employees to get their flu shots so they stay healthy during the peak flu season.

When your employees are healthy, they miss less work and are more productive. To keep your workforce strong, we offer a free flu shot to members with a Blue Care Network plan. 

And this year, when your employees get their flu shot, they'll also have a chance to win a $200 Visa® gift card.

Here are some ways you can promote flu shots and the drawing around your office.

Post a flier

Let your employees know how to schedule their flu shot with our flu shot flier (PDF). The flier also has information about how to enter the gift card drawing. 

Send a company-wide email

It’s easy to get the word out with this employee memo (PDF). This quick read gives your employees the information they need to:

  • Get their shot.
  • Enter the drawing.
  • Contact Blue Care Network with questions.

Publish an article in your newsletter

You can add the take your flu shot article (PDF) to your next newsletter to help motivate your employees. This article talks about the risks of the flu, how to get your shot and where they can enter the gift card drawing.

Share our flu shot FAQ

Instead of sending your employees to your benefits department for help, use this flu shot benefit FAQ (PDF).

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