Health Insurance Taxes and Fees Estimator for Employers

Who is this for?


If you sponsor health insurance for your employees, you can use this tool to get an idea of how much of your bill or quote is made up of taxes and fees.

When you receive a bill or renewal from us or get a quote for a plan, these taxes and fees will already be factored in.

Where did those come from? They support either health care reform or the State of Michigan. Some of the taxes and fees:

  • Raise money to support the individual health insurance market
  • Help fund the state and federal insurance marketplaces
  • Assist research that compares how well different medical treatments work

Our Health Insurance Taxes and Fees Estimator shows the estimated amount of your premium that is taxes and fees. Please note: The tool only gives estimates for taxes and fees on medical and prescription coverage. If you include dental or vision coverage in the premium, it will give you a higher estimate.

You can find more information below, as well as some helpful instructions for using the estimator.

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