Total Health Engagement

Our innovative approach helps employers, employees and doctors aim for healthy goals

At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, we have a corporate wellness plan for helping employers, employees and doctors achieve these goals.

Employees want to lead healthier lives. Doctors want to provide their patients with the best care possible. And companies like yours want a healthy workplace that carries over into their employees’ lives.

At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, we have a corporate wellness plan for helping employers, employees and doctors achieve these goals.

We call it Total Health Engagement.
And you can select a topic below to learn how it works:

We focus on total health through innovative plan design
We support patients through enhanced care delivery
We create a culture of wellness through dedicated health support

We focus on total health through innovative plan design

We make it easy for your employees to manage their health and finances. We do this with health insurance plans that reward healthy living by offering lower premiums and deductibles. When your employees take part in healthy activities or work toward meeting certain health goals, they’ll receive financial perks with plans such as:

To complement our cost-saving health care plans, we offer several health care spending accounts:

Our integrated wellness programs included with our Blue Dental and Blue Visions Plans can help keep your workforce productive and healthy.

In addition, we're making it easier for your employees to get the medicines they need. With our Blues Rx℠ plan, they’ll get competitive discounts and low copayments on brand-name and generic drugs. And with pharmacy and medical coverage that's integrated, your employees get the advantage of more holistic management of their prescription and medical care.

It’s all designed to give your employees the flexible health plans they’ll need to keep an eye on their health and their budget.

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We support patients through enhanced care delivery

You probably know that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan lets your employees choose from the largest network of doctors and hospitals in Michigan. But did you also know that we have several programs that motivate doctors and hospitals to manage costs while improving the quality of care for your employees?

Patient-Centered Medical Home is a great example of this philosophy in action. Our program is the largest of its kind in the country. More than 3,600 primary care physicians in 1,243 Michigan practices follow this model of keeping the focus where it should be – on the patient.

In a PCMH practice, a team led by a primary care physician keeps track of each patient’s overall health care needs and progress. It’s an approach that ultimately leads to better patient care and lower benefit costs for companies.

And while there are many statistics proving the value of PCMH, we think one of the most telling is that PCMH practices have a 19.1 percent lower rate of hospital admissions for adults with ambulatory care-sensitive conditions than other practices.

In addition to supporting the total health of our patients, we also think it’s important for doctors to focus on procedures that are most likely to provide results. That’s the goal of our Collaborative Quality Initiatives.

We work with 70 hospitals in Michigan to study medical procedures and find the best methods to improve patient outcomes.

For instance, our Michigan Bariatric Surgery Collaborative helped encourage a 35 percent decline in post-surgery ER visits. That’s just one example of how better care can lower benefit costs for employers.

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We create a culture of wellness through dedicated health support

And while focusing on outcomes helps improve the quality of care for employees, giving them the right tools and information helps them stay healthy.

We provide easy access to tools such as digital health coaching, a health assessment and online health videos, podcasts and articles. We offer comprehensive wellness and care management programs like chronic condition management, wellness coaching and physician and worksite health screenings.

We do this to make sure your employees understand what good health looks like and how they can achieve it. Many of these wellness tools – which assess health, track progress and educate about medical terms and procedures – can be found in BlueHealthConnection® our online health management solution. These web-based tools have been proven to help people get healthy. Here are some statistics to prove it:

  • 56 percent of members who enter our program quit smoking
  • 95 percent get better at managing diabetes
  • 65 percent see improvements in their personal health

With results like that, it's easy to see how Total Health Engagement helps employees, employers and doctors work together toward three important goals:

  • Focus on total health
  • Support patients
  • Create a culture of wellness

By doing this, we’re helping you put a healthy future within reach.

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