Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan salutes Senate passage of Gov. Snyder's health insurance reform legislation

October 17, 2012

DETROIT — Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan issued the following statement today following Senate passage of legislation (Senate Bills 1293 and 1294) proposed by Gov. Rick Snyder to modernize Michigan’s health insurance regulatory system and enable BCBSM to transition to a nonprofit mutual insurance company. The legislation requires BCBSM to pay state and local taxes, and also requires that BCBSM contribute up to $1.5 billion over the next 18 years to a separate nonprofit fund to improve public health and help the vulnerable access affordable care.

“Blue Cross is pleased with the overwhelming bipartisan support of the Michigan Senate for Gov. Snyder’s vision of a health insurance system where all insurers play by the same rules and market forces ensure greater competition and choice of affordable health insurance plans,” said Andrew Hetzel, BCBSM vice president for corporate communications. “The legislation is the result of a deliberative process led by Sen. Joe Hune to include multiple points of view in fashioning a modern, efficient system of health insurance regulation for Michigan.

“The Senate Insurance Committee held three hearings in 2011 and four hearings this year, and received testimony from more than 25 individuals and organizations during its work on these bills. The committee amended the legislation to accommodate the priorities of the Attorney General, advocates for seniors and Blue Cross’ competitors,” Hetzel said.

“This legislation gives Michigan a modern and efficient health insurance system and continues the Blues’ longstanding nonprofit charitable contributions for the coming decades,” Hetzel said. “It’s good legislation that sets Michigan up for success in the future as our health insurance market continues to change.”

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