Michigan's first wellness-driven HMO program, Healthy Blue Living℠, celebrates five years of making Michiganders healthier

November 9, 2011

SOUTHFIELD — Michigan's first wellness-based HMO health care plan, Blue Care Network’s Healthy Blue Living, is celebrating its five year anniversary. Healthy Blue Living was the state’s first HMO health care plan—and one of the first in the nation—to offer incentives as part of its benefit structure, such as lower out of pockets costs, to customers for working toward healthy goals.

“We’re proud to celebrate Healthy Blue Living’s five year history of rewarding businesses with lower premiums and members with lower out of pocket costs for living healthy lives,” said Kevin Klobucar, president and CEO, Blue Care Network. “The health care industry is constantly changing and Healthy Blue Living continues to evolve to meet customer and marketplace needs as we work toward improving our products to bring more value and better health to our customers.”

More than 70 percent of Healthy Blue Living members are living healthy and have worked hard to earn enhanced benefits – the product’s most rewarding benefit level. Healthy Blue Living customers produce real results in their journey toward better health. Since 2006:

  • 71 percent with high blood pressure are now within a healthy range 
  • 61 percent with high blood sugar are now at an acceptable level 
  • 55 percent with high cholesterol are now at an acceptable level 
  • 52 percent agreed to stop smoking 
  • 14 percent agreed to get their weight under a BMI of 30 

Last year BCN added to Healthy Blue Living’s success by creating an innovative extension of the product called Healthy Blue Living Rewards℠ for businesses with a desire to promote wellness at a higher level. Healthy Blue Living Rewards just celebrated its one year anniversary and provides an even greater level of incentive-based benefits for people who actually achieve certain health measurement goals such as not using tobacco and having a healthy blood pressure.

Businesses save an average of 9 percent when they select Healthy Blue Living and 14 percent when they select Healthy Blue Living Rewards versus traditional HMO products.

Over 90 Michigan businesses, totaling more than 16,000 members, have been with Healthy Blue Living or transitioned to Healthy Blue Living Rewards since the product first launched, and continue to offer it to their employees today. Over the past five years Healthy Blue Living has helped hundreds of thousands of people by providing affordable health care coverage to help people improve their health. Enrollment for both products currently stands at more than 111,000 members and more than 800 groups.

Bryan Van Doornik, Controller at Pat Milliken Ford in Redford, Mich., said they chose Healthy Blue Living five years ago because they were faced with a series of premium increases with their current health insurance plan and needed to find a more cost-effective solution.

“We learned about BCN’s new Healthy Blue Living plan and liked it because it allowed us to offer an affordable, quality health insurance plan to our employees without drastically increasing health care costs on our end,” Van Doornik added.

Healthy Blue Living has evolved over the years to help members improve their health in six key areas that matter to improving people’s overall health:

  • Tobacco
  • Weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol 
  • Depression
  • Blood sugar 

To learn more about Healthy Blue Living and Healthy Blue Living Rewards visit our website or contact your agent or Blues sales representative.

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