Study links good oral care to lower diabetes care costs

University of Michigan researchers studied claims of an unprecedented 21,000 adults with diabetes who had Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan medical, pharmacy and Blue Dental coverage

August 27, 2009

DETROIT - Time in a dentist's chair may save medical dollars; 10 to 40 percent for individuals with diabetes and other chronic health conditions. A University of Michigan study, commissioned by the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation, suggests a link between good oral health and lower medical costs for people with diabetes.

The recently completed U-M study is the largest known of its kind to examine the link between dental care and diabetes. Lead researcher George Taylor, DMD, DrPH, U-M associate professor of dentistry, and his team analyzed de-identified dental and medical care claims of more than 21,000 BCBSM members ages 18 to 64 who have diabetes. Each also had Blues medical, Blues pharmacy and Blue Dental coverage, at the same time, for at least one year between 2001 and 2005.

Researchers found that regular, non-surgical periodontal — or gum — care is linked to lower diabetes-related medical care costs, possibly more than 10 percent per year. The same care was associated with up to 20 percent lower annual medical costs for treatment related to cardiovascular disease in individuals with both diabetes and heart disease. For individuals receiving periodontal treatment, medical costs were more than 30 percent lower for kidney disease treatment for individuals with diabetes and kidney disease. Periodontal treatment for patients with diabetes and congestive heart failure was associated with 40 percent lower medical care costs for treatment related to congestive heart failure.

"Our results are consistent with an emerging body of evidence that periodontal diseases adversely impact diabetes," said Taylor. "Treating periodontal infection may improve control of high levels of sugar in the blood. Other evidence also suggests that individuals with periodontal infections may be more likely to develop diabetes, and those with diabetes have a greater likelihood of having diabetes complications. At the minimum, physicians and dentists should be aware of these potentially important linkages and incorporate this knowledge into their practice decisions and patient communication."

"This research project is important because it addresses quality of care and health care costs for all Michigan residents," said Ira Strumwasser, executive director and CEO of the BCBSM Foundation. "This is a good example of how the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation and local researchers are working in partnership to make cutting-edge contributions to the body of health care knowledge in our state and nationally."

Many industry sources agree that more frequent dental cleanings can help maintain good oral health plus may contribute in managing the oral health effects of diabetes. In the U.S., approximately 24 million people, or 8 percent of the population, have diabetes. Its prevalence increased 13.5 percent from 2005 to 2007, according to the American Diabetes Association. The chronic disease can lead to vision loss, kidney and nerve damage, and death. Gum disease can accelerate the condition's severity.

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