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The most convenient way to stay informed about your plan

Ever been surprised by your bill at the doctor or pharmacy? You can use the BCBSM mobile app to find out what you'll owe ahead of time. It connects you securely to the health plan info on your account when you need it.

How to get the app

It's available through the App Store® and Google Play. Make sure your phone/tablet is:

Sorry, the app isn't available yet for BlackBerry® or Windows® phones.

Google PlayApp Store

The home screen of the mobile app makes it easy to find the info you need most, like claims and your ID card.

What you can do with the app

The more you know about your health plan, the more prepared you are when you need care. Depending on your plan*, you can use the app to:

  • View your deductible and other plan balances
  • See and search for services your plan covers
  • Research drug prices
  • Check claims and explanation of benefits
  • Find doctors and hospitals
  • Compare procedure costs
  • Access the Health & Wellness site to take your health assessment and use valuable tools like the Personal Health Record, Digital Health Assistant programs and Health Trackers
  • View and share your virtual ID card
  • Easily call customer support and our nurse line
  • Pay your monthly bill if you buy your own insurance from us
  • Use Touch ID® to log in if you have an iPhone
  • Get Blue365® member discounts 
  • Manage your primary care providers if you have an HMO or Personal Choice PPO plan 
  • Use our app on your iPad or Android tablet NEW
  • Easily register for a member account by snapping a picture of your Blue Cross ID card NEW

App Support

If you have questions about the app, or need help installing or using it, call:

8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Monday through Friday

Questions about your health coverage? Call the customer service number on the back of your Blue Cross ID card.


Using the app and protecting your privacy

Our terms and conditions explain what you can expect from us when using the app, and what we expect from you. Our privacy policy tells you how we can and can't use your information.


*Features listed may not be available for all plans. Because of the way some plans are administered, the app won't work if you have:

  • A Federal Employees Program PPO plan
  • A MESSA plan
  • Blue Cross Complete (Medicaid)
  • A flexible spending account that isn’t paired with a Blue Cross medical plan